Product optimization​

SmartOn provides businesses with all production information in real-time to maintain profit levels and eliminate inefficiencies. However, a strong advantage of SmartOn is that it collects all production information in an effective way and can supply businesses with statistically grouped information visually prepared in graphs or comparison charts. That can become an essential part of strategic planning and thinking. It provides vital information for effective generation of production orders, identification of bottlenecks, optimization of work orders and strategy of what-if scenarios and all the while allows you to obtain the pinpoint accuracy that is so essential in growing profit margins and staying one step ahead of the competition.
SmartOn has an effective cost calculation system which enables to get the immediate price of a product according to a discount and a profit system and control different levels of customer prices in the online ordering system. Moreover, it shows you a clearly visualized cost-efficiency analysis of work locations when you are producing different products over time and allows you to compare real costs between the past and the present. Statistical projected-versus-actual observation enables to find strategic solutions in the developing and planning production capacity. SmartOn monitors all work locations and machinery efficiency, pointing out those that are not effectively used and those that tend to be overused. This helps maintain machine load by groups or individual machines throughout the entire production process. This approach offers costs minimization solutions, the highest efficiency of production resource utilization and the maximum manufacturing potential.