well-rounded AI driven ERP

Cloud based ERP platform

Access software over the internet. With SmartOn all you need is connection and a browser.

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Automate Your Production

SmartOn is a multifunctional integral enterprise management tool designed to automate production monitoring and sales processes.

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Full Package

SmartOn flawlessly handle  orders, control of the production process, quality management and customer evaluation in real time.

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Continuous Improvement

Proman production management system is regularly improved to stay up to date with the most progressive ideas of business innovation and strategy.

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Artificial Intelligence

Proman uses artificial intelligence to make your hard work even more manageable and faster.

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Easy & fast online

Proman eliminates the need for paper documents to streamline productivity, and helps you operate in a leaner and meaner way.

Smart way to your business

SmartOn is a flexible, innovative and comprehensive platform that ensures powerful enterprise management and professional production organization.

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Easy orders control

Taking orders online and planning production recourses

Material management

Evaluation of cost assessment and management of the supply of raw materials

Quick access to production process

Production process monitoring and quality control

Smarton is a flexible, innovative, and comprehensive platform that provides powerful small//medion enterprise management and professional production solutions at an affordable price.



Make your work easier with SmartOn