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health is a flexible, innovative, and comprehensive platform that ensures efficient health business management

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What’s Smarton

Cloud based platform

What's health?

Health is a multifunctional health management tool designed to automate your everyday work in the health sector. It is a cloud-based platform.

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health flawlessly handles tracking your health metrics, monitoring your fitness routines, dietary management, and real-time health evaluations.


Our health management system is regularly updated to stay in line with the latest health trends, research, and strategies.

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Easy & fast online

health eliminates the need for paper records, streamlining your health tracking and enabling you to manage your wellness in a more efficient manner.

Integrations - Sync Everywhere

health provides powerful health management solutions and can be integrated with 50+ other platforms.

Quick Access to Health Metrics

Monitor your stats, track your customers, and manage your daily tasks using SmartOn Health.

Customer Growth

At SmartOn Health, we understand the importance of a healthy community. With our innovative app, we aim to build a healthier community and help customers manage their everyday tasks easier.

Integrates with 50+ other platforms

SmartOn health by being comprehensive can be integrated with other platforms

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Customer growth

At health, we understand the importance of a healthy community. With our innovative app, we aim to build a healthier community, helping users achieve their health goals.

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