What's ProChef

I can manage tables professionally

ProChef is a new level of POS application control for my business

Manage tables

In my restaurant orders can be entered quickly and optimally. My staff can use a tablet or any other online device.

Reservation system

Whether my customers make online reservations or manage the waitlist, with ProChef I can do it all in one place

Employee management

In my restaurant all My reports, sales performance evaluations, job-based permissions are prepared quickly and easily.

Inventory management

In my restaurant tracking the raw goods, managing all my vendors and purchase orders never been easer in one central account.

Customer loyalty

With ProChef whether customers make online reservations or manage the waitlist, my staff can see everything in one place

Gift cards

In my restaurant driving sales and boosting brand awareness, gift cards, and discounts turn my new clients into returning customers.

What's ProChef

Manage tables professionally

ProChef is a POS application for restaurants and coffee shops.ProChef gives a new level of control over your business.

What makes Me so different?

Whether I am serving pizza, drinks, quick meals or
brewing the coffee, ProChef is 100% compatible with my bussines

I improve my customer serving process and automate the
checkout for maximum ease

ProChef POS allows me to login using cards, camera or other methods.

My clients can order via QR directly from the table or the flyer.

Pay with cash, card, coupon or other methods separately for the same order.

I can add discounts by hand or use a consumer loyalty card/code.

Manage permissions for user groups and control the access hierarchy of my personnel.

I can pay salary based on sales, working hours or other parameters.

Use discounts and sell at specific hours for promos such as lunch menu.

Fast installation and ongoing improvement

The initial installation of my restaurant can be done in a few minutes, and I can train my staff in a few minutes. Then step by step, restaurant processes are improved using the system more profoundly. With the improvement, automatization of processes and effectiveness of work comes.

24/7 Support online

ProChef team is ready to help me solve my everyday issues. Help desk team works 24/7, regardless of the time or day of the week. All system functionality can be managed in distance, in other words, downtime is minimized to a zero.

Working devices

With ProChef I don’t need specific equipment, whatever hardware I have, it will work well. SmartOn is compatible with all, even low-cost computers and mobile devices that have an internet connection.

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Customer growth

At span ProChef, we understand that customer growth is a vital aspect of any successful business. With our innovative POS app, we attract new customers, retain existing ones, and ultimately drive our growth.

Easy integration with the most popular services

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